• Plantwide Data Collection

    Record and monitor every step of production.

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  • Programmable Automation Control

    Let your machines do the hard work for you.

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  • Industrial Terminals

    Capture data, implement shop floor communication, and record every interaction.

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  • Employee Time Clocks

    Track labor time and attendance with industrial kiosks.

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Welcome to Intelligent Instrumentation

We provide data collection hardware for manufacturers. Increase the productivity of your operations with fast and accurate data anywhere, anytime, using open CE-based industrial monitoring, control, and data collection applications.

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Intelligent Instrumentation, LLC, is to work with manufacturing companies to help them achieve operational excellence – moving them forward, faster, with innovative solutions that help them simplify and automate their internal manufacturing processes, improve operational efficiency and eliminate waste and therefore reduce costs.

And, specifically, to provide high value, open system products for enterprise-wide capture and sharing of real time data.

Our networked solutions leverage the capabilities of automated data collection and data acquisition products to offer rapid and sustainable improvements with measurable results. We provide the most extensive and widely used set of data collection and data acquisition products anywhere.

By reducing operational costs and automating shop floor, warehousing and distribution operations, Intelligent Instrumentation Inc. helps companies stay competitive.

Our History

Since 1984, thousands of engineers, system integrators and manufacturing OEM’s have turned to Intelligent Instrumentation for high-quality, innovative solutions for their data acquisition and data collection needs. Systems have been installed in a wide variety of industries with special focus on industrial factory-floor requirements in process monitoring and control, test and measurement, time and attendance and access control application.

Intelligent Instrumentation was originally established by Burr Brown Corporation and has sold products and support in over 50 countries through a worldwide network of Regional Marketing centers, marketing representatives and system integrators, VAR’s and other partner to meet your specific needs. Our products have always been designed and manufactured in Tucson, Arizona USA and we’re ISO9001 certified.

In 2015, Intelligent Instrumentation joined the VIA Information Tools network as an LLC, and can now provide full-spectrum solutions of both software and hardware to manufacturers.


Our Services

If you need help configuring a system or solving a technical problem – or if you just need in-depth product information – call us. Our experienced sales and application engineers are at your service free of charge for both pre- and post-sale support. Our phone number is (844) 283-5004.


Our Business Partners

Are you looking for a qualified integrator for your automation needs? Below is a partial list of our preferred partners in manufacturing software and hardware. To view more, go here.

Are you looking for business opportunities for your growing automation integration business? Click here for more information on how to become a successful Intelligent Instrumentation integration partner. It's easy, and it carries many benefits at no cost to you!

Either way, Intelligent Instrumnentation has got you covered!

Our goal is to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our Solution Providers who have system integration and consulting experience in some or all of the following areas:

  • Industrial automation, bar-code data collection, local and wide area networks
  • Installation of client/server applications on Microsoft Windows and UNIX platforms
  • Knowledge about sensors, remote data access solutions and programmable logic controllers (PLC’s)
  • Automatic test, measurement, monitoring and control applications
  • Factory and plant monitoring and control system

Contact Us

You may contact us by filling in this form or by calling us at (844) 283-5004.