LANpoint Power X Shop Floor Data Collection Terminals
LANpoint Power X Shop Floor Data Collection Computers run the Windows CE6.0 OS
LANpoint Power X Shop Floor Data Collection Computers with biometric fingerprint reader - click on pic to view or download large picture

Save your valuable shop floor space - the LANpoint Power X shop floor data collection terminal has a small workstation footprint and large functionality. The series runs the Windows CE 6 operating system for all the Ethernet connectivity you need - wired or Wireless IEEE802.11b/g. 

The open architecture and exceptional input/output device connectivity - serial, USB, direct Ethernet, even many digital I/O channels for switch sensing, counting, relay activating - allows easy implementation and deployment into existing and future IT infrastructures. It is exceptionally rugged, has no moving parts, and can be environmentally sealed against dust and water. Easy to integrate, use and support, these data collection terminals are ideal for data capture and communications solutions for factory floor or other commercial environment.

Mix and match these with the compact LANpoint PLUS shop floor data collection terminal which have an even smaller footprint and a text display for standard barcode prompt/response functionality at an economical price.  They're programmed the same, have no moving parts, utilize the same barcode and autoID accessories, and are supported with the same high-value management software suite.

LANpoint Power X terminals in action - click on the image to see larger photograph

LANpoint Power X can be hung from overhead, tilting up to 180 degrees as in this inventory application, or ...
LANpoint Power X with the same long-arm 'U' mounting bracket can be used on a bench, or ...
LANpoint Power X can be mounted on a vertical surface with the short-arm 'U' mounting bracket, tilting up to 42 degrees as shown in this Quality Assurance inspection application, or ...
LANpoint Power X can be mounted flush into a wall with the LPA761 flush-mount kit
LANpoint Power X, shown here mounted on the short-arm 'U' mounting bracket and the weatherproof connector cover accessory is weatherproof for use outside
LANpoint Power X can be fitted with many types of autoID devices like this infrared barcode slot reader, or ...
LANpoint Power X can be ordered with scanner accessories such as this laser scanner shown resting in the scanner holder accessory
LANpoint Power X can be ordered with an integral biometric fingerprint reading device - eliminate PIN sharing, implement high-security area control, eliminate misidentified data entry, eliminate buddy-punching.

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Windows CE

Microsoft Windows CE Operating System for easy integration.

Barcode, autoID, RFID-ready terminals for:

  • shop floor control
  • WIP tracking terminal
  • ERP data collection
  • SAP data collection
  • MES data collection
  • WIFI wireless interface
  • RFID reader control
  • CPM system interface
  • time and attendance
  • secure access control
  • automated timeclock
  • general Ethernet data collection
  • WMS interface
  • distribution center terminal
  • machine control operator interface
  • many more general barcode tracking systems

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