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Our mission at Intelligent Instrumentation Inc. is to work with manufacturing companies to help them achieve operational excellence - moving them forward, faster, with innovative solutions that help them simplify and automate their internal manufacturing processes, improve operational efficiency and eliminate waste and therefore reduce costs.

And specifically "To provide high value, open system products for enterprise-wide capture and sharing of real time data."

Our networked solutions leverage the capabilities of automated data collection and data acquisition products to offer rapid and sustainable improvements with measurable results. We provide the most extensive and widely used set of data collection and data acquisition products anywhere.

By reducing operational costs and automating shop floor, warehousing and distribution operations, Intelligent Instrumentation Inc. helps companies stay competitive.


Intelligent Instrumentation Inc.’s unique history and key differentiators combine to provide a one of a kind company with its customers' best interests in mind. The company is defined by its innovative solutions built on customer commitment, industry experience and a relentless dedication to providing the best products to the industrial automation community.

Intelligent Instrumentation Inc. was established in 1984 to provide Data Acquisition solutions to the ever growing factory automation markets. Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, the company has a network of direct sales and support offices located throughout Europe and North America as well as over 70 distribution partners located throughout the world.

Intelligent Instrumentation is a world leader in


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