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Mar 2, 2015 Extended temperature, bright LED characters on new operator interface terminal

CTM280 is available in grey or beige

CTM280 industrial data terminal for industrial environments, machine control, human data interface. Environmentally sealed, LED-lit, and extended temperature operation for wet, hot, cold, and dark surroundings.

Jan 23, 2015 Be sure to change your bookmarks and links and more

Factory Automation - Data handling and machine control made easy by Intelligent Instrumentation

Change links for Intelligent Instrumentation, Inc. from '' to '', Intelligent Instrumentation's new domain name.

Aug 1, 2013 TIMEpoint Power - “emPOWERing your Employee Benefit Management”

TIMEpoint Power - advanced time clock with or without biometrics

TIMEpoint Power, advanced Ethernet time clock with or without barcode, magnetic stripe, or proximity RFID badge reading, and with or without fingerprint identification.


Use for online and/or offline timeclock or for more...

Apr 19, 2012 NEW terminal from Intelligent Instrumentation - Ethernet, AutoID, Industrial

NEW Generation! LANpoint Power X

LANpoint Power X, the most recent member of the industrial Ethernet AutoID data collection terminals, adds more connectivity, including Ethernet, WiFi, USB ports, serial port, and much more.

Jul 1, 2009 iCLASS® 13.56MHz RFID badges and credentials supported on LANpoint TIME ethernet/Web timeclocks

Pick the autoID reader or combination credential readers that suits your needs best

LANpoint TIME networked timeclocks now include the iCLASS® 13.56MHz radio frequency identification proximity reader option.

Feb 25, 2009 TCO of procuring and operating LANpoint Windows CE data collection computers is 43% to 59% of standard PCs

Pick the OS for the terminal that suits your needs best

LANpoint computers shave Total Cost of Ownership with small footprint, power-sipping electrical consumption, low maintenance, and long service life.

May 16, 2008 Shop Floor Data Collection Computers now available with choice of Operating Systems

Pick the OS for the terminal that suits your needs best

Intelligent Instrumentation announces the release of the Microsoft Windows CE version 5 Operating System and the upgraded Compact Framework functionality on all LANpoint Computers

Dec 1, 2007 Happy Birthday! Intelligent Instrumentation’s “Burr-Brown” TM8501 Terminal Turns 21 !

TM8501 serial data collection terminal

Intelligent Instrumentation announces the 21st birthday of the oldest continually-produced barcode data collection terminal in the marketplace, the TM8501. This RS422 serially-connected barcode ...

Nov 1, 2007 LANpoint 7: New Vehicle-Mount Computer

LANpoint 7 Vehicle-Mount computer

Intelligent Instrumentation announces the release of the newest vehicle-mount computer, the compact 1/2 VGA, full-keyboard LANpoint 7

Aug 24, 2007 EDAS CE: New High Voltage Digital Output Module

High Voltage Digital Output Module

A new I/O module for the EDAS CE system provides 12 channels of open drain, up to 360 VDC digital outputs.

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