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Our Ethernet data acquisition systems are perfect for your DAQ application: faster, more flexible, than a PLC - and network ready. EDASce is open-architectured (Windows CE OS, programmable) and modular in form. EDAS-1000 Series are perfect for industrial distributed DAQ systems. [learn more]

Serial EDAS Ethernet-to-Serial converter - click pic for info
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Monitor and Control all types of RS-232 Devices remotely, at any distance, via your existing network

Serial EDAS converters link your physical access control mechanisms, machines, scales, data terminals, printers, PLCs, barcode scanners, instruments, and virtually any COM port RS-232 device can be fully accessed from anywhere on your existing Ethernet/Internet network!

 [learn more]

Non-current products - legacy PC plug-in boards and USB data acquisition and control devices - click pic

The legacy plug-in PC boards and USB DAQ systems are not recommended for use in new products and systems, but some models may still be available until stock is exhausted. Contact us with any inquiries on these products. 

These boards interface sensors, transducers, machinery and other real-world signals to your ISA-bus PC for processing, storing and displaying data. [learn more]

23 Years Supplying Data Collection and Data Acquisition Hardware

Remaining one of the longest, if not THE longest, providers of computerized automation hardware today, Intelligent Instrumentation.

Windows Embedded Partner Program

Intelligent Instrumentation, Inc. is a proud member of the Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Program.  All of our newest products are based on Microsoft's Windows CE embedded operating system, giving our customers the best future-proof solutions available.





Track anything in real-time with industrial AutoID terminals - using either III's

fixed mount shop floor data collection terminals ...


Some LANpoint Fixed-Mount terminals - click pic
Some LANpoint Time Clock terminals - click pic
Industrial Microterminals for easy machine/process operator interface - click pic

Perfect operator interfaces in OEM apps like machine setup, operation and security systems. Select from a wide range of keyboard, display and interface options. [learn more]

Discontinued Products

Even we are forced to discontinue products sometimes.  You can still view information, download manuals and SDKs, etc. at the Discontinued Products Page.

Discontinued products include:








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