OEM / HMI / OIT Terminals

OEM industrial operator interface microterminal family - clockwise from top left: TM8701 rubber-face water-chemical proof; CTM350 & TM8551 2x40 character numeric/func key keyboard; CTM1xx, CTM2xx, TM2500 & TM2700 come in beige or grey; and CTM300 & TM8501 2x40 character full keyboard
Are these terminals tough? You bet! This well-used example still works after decades - AND, we can make it look like new again. Try us, you'll see!

Our broad line of Microterminals (CTM Series) allows you to select a model with just the features you need from a basic operator interface to a multi-function unit for barcode data collection. These are all serial terminals - either an RS232 terminal interface to the host or RS422 terminal interface to the host. 

They are simply a serial operator interface terminal and an easy way to add a keypad with display to your machine or process.  This makes for a cost-effective HMI (Human-Machine Interface) to collect operator input and display feedback messages and information.

Hundreds of plants worldwide use our microterminals in such diverse applications as:

  • Instrumentation
  • Communications Products
  • Machine Set Up & Control
  • Test & Measurement
  • Process Controllers
  • Inventory Control

These operator interface terminals / control panels communicate between a human and a machine via simple, short instruction/data strings.

Their primary function is to display messages received from the host computer and then transmit the operator's response via key presses - or with some models, barcode scans.

Our microterminals can be used with your own serial point-to-point or multi-drop drivers, or use our TM9000 PC-Compatible RS422 Transaction Processor board.

We offer a selection of cases, functions, keyboards / keypads, displays, and much more.

Data Collection Terminals

Our Data Collection Terminals (TM Series) interface to, and control a wide range of input devices from barcode readers to radio frequency tag readers.

These terminals provide automated barcode data collection worldwide in applications such as:

  • Shop Floor Control
  • Material & Document Tracking
  • Time & Attendance
  • Inventory Control
  • Quality Control
  • Machine Monitoring

They feature either RS422 multidrop or RS232 serial communications.

An optional serial port allows them to control a full range of automatic measuring devices, such as scales and gauges.

Other optional modules are available for machine monitoring and control.

So whether you are an OEM purchasing hundreds or an end user just wanting one or two, we will meet your application needs.

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Our NEW CTM280 Operator Interface Microterminal™ is used in all sorts of marginal environments

CTM200 family
NEW! Cold, hot, bright, dark, wet - no matter with the CTM280 Microterminals

OEM / HMI Serial Terminals - keypad with display

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Serial Data Collection Terminals - keypad with display and barcode / mag stripe input