LANpoint PRO Fixed Mount Data Collection Terminal. Click the pic for a larger view.

The LANpoint PRO shop floor data collection terminal has been replaced by either the DOS FACTORYpoint PRO terminal, or the much more powerful, lower cost, LANpoint Power X terminal with the Windows CE 6.0 OS.

See the FACTORYpoint PRO terminal here.

See the LANpoint Power X terminal here.

 NOTE: there is no longer any terminal with the same physical footprint as the LANpoint PRO.

The LANpoint PRO computer is a high-powered industrial data collection PC in an attractive case.

This model puts 486DX-66 power wherever you need it, in real-world environments that require NEMA-12 dustproof, dripproof sealing. The Microsoft DOS or Datalight DOS operating system is well-suited for industrial applications, as software and hardware peripherals - even still - continue to be supported in the marketplace.

With built-in Ethernet connectivity, built-in barcode decoding, two PCMCIA slots, and a PC104 slot, the capability can be expanded to a huge array of application solutions that will serve economically and functionally for years to come. 

And, if you are expanding a system that has Intermec antares 2480, or Intermec antares 2485 terminals or you need to replace these Intermec trakker terminals and can't get them any longer, this is a very close replacement - with true DOS. 

Intelligent Instrumentation released this terminal in the mid 1990's, and true to our reputation, are still protecting your investment and producing these terminals.  Intelligent Instrumentation - good for the long haul.



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