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Ethernet IO Data Acquisition System

Our industrial Ethernet I/O data acquisition systems are using open architecture standards for easy development and deployment into existing and future systems. By using the efficiencies of standard technology, you are getting a lower total cost of ownership for monitoring and control applications. With our Ethernet Data Acquisition System EDAS CE, you take advantage of your existing network infrastructure, lower cost network components, and trained staff for networking and application development.

Isolated digital and analog I/O, 100BaseT Ethernet, Windows CE development tools, all in an industrial modular package, make EDAS CE the ideal solution for a wide range of monitoring and control applications.

How does it compare to a PLC?

The EDAS CE looks similar to a PLC. But it can acquire analog data at up to 200 kS/sec which makes it also suitable for applications like vibration monitoring. It comes with a built-in Ethernet interface and our Netlink drivers provide PC controlled aplications, or standalone applications using Microsoft Embedded Tools for C++. It also has a built-in webserver and a powerful scripting language called WebDevice Script. Programs developed using our WebDevice Script can be started, updated and viewed remotely through a standard browser.

Modular I/O Offers Flexibility

For distributed monitoring and control applications, EDAS CE delivers rugged, reliable I/O in a DIN rail package. The modular architecture of EDAS CE allows you to mix and match the best combination of I/O modules to meet a wide range of automation and measurement applications. The EDAS CE features an industrial modular case design that allows up to 12 I/O modules to be added to the base unit. EDAS CE provides from 8 to 192 points of analog, digital, and serial I/O. The modules provide connectivity to virtually all sensors including temperature, pressure, flow, voltage, current, contact closures, and RS-232 devices. All in a rugged and reliable industrial DIN-rail mount package. Networked and Standalone Operation The built-in 10/100BaseT networking, including a TCP/IP stack, allows applications running on EDAS CE to communicate with other computers and other EDAS CE units on your network as part of a plant-wide monitoring and control solution. The EDAS CE is capable of both networked and stand-alone operation. Other network devices can poll the EDAS CE for data or applications can be downloaded directly on the unit enabling it to provide real-time control during network down time. With 8MB (expandable to 500+ MB) of non-volatile storage applications can run in off-line mode, with the ability to batch process the off-line data when connectivity is restored.

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Pick the number and types of DAQ modules that suit your application - digital input, digital output, analog in, analog out, counters, termocouples, quadrature encoders, serial ports ... lots of choices, and signal conditioning is built-in!

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Typical Applications

Machine Monitoring and Control
Process Monitoring and Control
Manufacturing Test Systems
Remote Data Acquisition
Ethernet I/O
Custom OEM Solutions
Building Monitoring
Facility Monitoring
Factory Automation
Industrial Data Acquisition
Custom OEM Solutions
Preventative Maintenance Monitoring
Networked or Stand-Alone Data Logging
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Security & Access Control
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Vibration Monitoring
Sound Analysis
Computer Room Monitoring
Discrete Control
Remote Data Acquisition
Temperature Monitoring
High Accuracy Data Acquisition
Test & Measurement
Flow Measurement
Production/Cycle Counting
Security & Access Control
Serial RS-232 Device control across Ethernet

Windows CE

Microsoft Windows CE Operating System for easy integration.

Features and Benefits
Open Architecture
Leverage open standards for lower total cost of ownership. Open systems environment provides easy interface to existing and future plant-wide systems. Take advantage of existing network infrastructure, lower cost network components and trained staff for networking and application development.
Windows CE
Easy application development using Microsoft's eMbedded Visual Tools supporting eMbedded Visual C++. Windows CE 3.0 provides true multitasking allowing both control and monitoring functions to run simultaneously on an EDAS CE device.