August 24, 2007. Tucson, Arizona. Intelligent Instrumentation announces new High Voltage Digital Output Module for EDAS®CE Ethernet I/O systems. The New Digital Output Module for EDAS CE, (part# EDAS-2005M-2).

The EDAS-2005M-2 High Voltage Digital Output Module provides 12 channels of open drain, 360 VDC digital outputs. The 12 channels are arranged as two ports. Port 0 has 8 channels and Port 1 has 4 channels. This module supports read back allowing the software to determine the output’s present state. Each channel has a hardware switch that determines the channels power-on state. An 8-position and a 4-position switch sets the initial data on these channels. When a switch is in the on position during the power-up reset, the corresponding channel will be turned on.

The digital outputs have 500 V channel to channel isolation with one return per channel. The module provides 1500 V input to output isolation.

EDAS CE provides from 8 to 192 channels of isolated analog and digital I/O, relay output, triac output and RS -232 data packaged in an industrial modular case, with built-in 10/100BaseT Ethernet, and a CPU base unit running the Windows CE embedded operating system. With EDAS CE, stand-alone, networked and distributed test, measurement, monitoring and control applications can be implemented using Microsoft's free eMbeddedä Visual Tools. These tools allow users to write, download and debug applications for the EDAS CE using the popular eMbedded Visual C++ and eMbedded Visual Basic programming languages. The built-in networking, including a TCP/IP stack and support of networking standards including TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, DHCP, SQL and time synchronization allows applications running on EDAS CE to communicate with other computers and other EDAS CE units on your network as part of a plant-wide control and monitoring solution.   The EDAS CE can support up to 512MB of non-volatile storage allowing it to be used in stand-alone data logging, data acquisition systems, or to continue operating and logging data in the event of a network disruption.

The EDAS CE High Voltage Digital Output Module is available now.

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