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July 2009 --Spotlight on Time-and-Attendance

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LANpoint TIME timeclocks now available with choice of RFID technologies

Integral autoID reader options now include:
  • infrared barcode
  • visible red barcode
  • magnetic stripe
  • HID 125kHz RFID
  • HID 13.56MHz iCLASS RFID
  • combinations of readers, and
  • keyboard-only/without AutoID reader

  • The LANpoint TIME networked timeclocks now include the iCLASS® 13.56MHz radio frequency identification proximity reader option.  Integral autoID reader options now include infrared barcode, visible red barcode, magnetic stripe, HID 125kHz RFID, HID 13.56MHz iCLASS RFID, combinations of readers, and keyboard-only/without AutoID reader.


    The new autoID choice expands the employee badge options of LANpoint timeclock users.  The iCLASS reader can read much more data than the 125kHz RFID reader, at a much faster rate.  iCLASS technology provides versatile interoperability and supports multiple applications such as biometric authentication, cashless vending and PC log on security.  iCLASS smart cards and readers make time-and-attendance and access control more powerful, more vesatile, and offers enhanced security through encryption and mutual authentication.


    These rugged WiFi Ethernet IEEE802.11b/g LANpoint TIME timeclocks have no moving parts that require maintenance and wear out.  Their compact NEMA 12 (IP54) housings keep out water and dust, allowing for installation in environmentally harsh conditions.  They have onboard non-volatile storage expandable to 1GB or more, and include industrial features, connectivity and scalability...


    To view the entire news release, go to www.lanpoint.com/ethernetlaborreportingpcs0.html


    To view details, specifications, and ordering information, see the LANpoint TIME Web pages.

    T&A Application code - FREE sample including local database for reliability AND remote database synchronization for real-time accessibility

    Click to see full-size diagram:
    T&A Application Architecture Diagram

    Want a time-and-attendance system that just reliably collects punches and lets you focus on how you want to track and report the data?  Have you been put-off over the cost of time-and-attendance software


    We have application code that will get you 90% there - and it's absolutely free.  We'll even support your LANpoint implementation and enhancement efforts at no cost to you.

    This is no oversimplified text file logging application; it's based on a relational database on the timeclock that is synchronized in real-time with a central database on your server.  If your server or network is down, it won't even hiccup - it'll continue to collect time punches until the connectivity is restored, the databases are synchronized, and the network is fully functional.  We even have some executables that will help you configure the system to use your existing servers (or PCs), databases, and data security specifics.


    To receive the software and support to install and configure it, contact us at apps_eng@lanpoint.com or call 1-800-685-9911 and ask for Applications Engineering.


    Don't want to do any application development?  Call us and we'll introduce you to one of our top-notch time-and-attendance Value Added Resellers.  We have VARs who specialize in all facets of time-and-attendance - from small business focus, to geographical focus, to big installations, including VARs specializing on certain platforms like AS400.  Most are turn-key applications, and most will tailor their software to specialized industry needs.


    Click on the links below to see LANpoint TIME photos and access detailed product and accessory specifications and information.


    LANpoint TIME timeclock

    Use Cisco or standard Summit WiFi with LANpoint

    Wired or WiFi - it's up to you

    LANpoint terminals with the Windows CE operating system all come with some WiFi support built-in.  Factory-installed software includes drivers for both the legacy IEEE802.11b Cisco PCM350 radios and also the Summit Data Communications’ IEEE802.11b/g radios.  It also includes configuration management software from both companies for a familiar interface for configuring WiFi parameters such as data security choices.


    So, if you have an IEEE802.11b WiFi network, you can use your legacy Cisco PCM352 radios (or PCM350 in some cases) or the LANpoint standard Summit radios to wirelessly connect to your network at up to 11Mbps.  If you have an IEEE802.11g WiFi network, you can use the Summit radio to wirelessly connect to your network at up to 54Mbps.  In either case, the terminal in the radio and the Access Points on your network are interoperable.  Ain’t standards grand?!


    Summit support is built into all Windows CE v4.2 and v5.0 LANpoints; Cisco support is also built into all Windows CE(.NET) v4.2 LANpoints.  Intelligent Instrumentation recommends that you use their external antenna with LANpoint CE.NET and LANpoint 7 terminals.  With LANpoint PLUS and LANpoint TIME terminals, the optional option board must be installed in the terminals.


    Call us  at 800-685-9911 or drop us a line at apps_eng@lanpoint.com for details and we’ll be glad to fill you in.


    Click on the links below to see stationary terminal photos and access detailed product and accessory specifications and information.

    LANpoint PLUS

    LANpoint TIME

    LANpoint 7

    LANpoint CE.NET

    Made in the USA

    All our terminals are proudly designed, manufactured, and supported in the U.S.A. in Tucson, Arizona

    First as a division of the Burr-Brown Corporation, then as a subsidiary of Texas Instruments, and for several years now as a standalone employee-owned company, Intelligent Instrumentation has designed, manufactured, and supported its large array of electronic products out of  Tucson, Arizona, for more than 30 years.


    The III owners and employees collectively have literally hundreds of years of service to III customers.  With an average of more than 15 years of service, every employee is dedicated to providing quality products and services to III customers.  "Above and beyond" is the SOP of these dedicated individuals.


    Contact us and you will talk to human beings, not machines, each with a deep knowledge of products and technologies, process and discreet manufacturing automation requirements, as well as data collection and data acquisition applications. 


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