Ethernet Data Acquisition: Analog, Digital and Serial I/O through Ethernet for Distributed Control Systems

Intelligent Instrumentation is a pioneer in Ethernet Data Acquisition systems. We were among the first companies to offer input/output systems for data acquisition and process data with Ethernet interface.

Our EDAS (Ethernet Data Acquisition System) products are widely used in applications ranging from data logging to high-speed system monitoring and control.

Today we offer two product lines for Ethernet I/O systems - either or both provide a rugged base for your distributed control system:

EDAS CE system, shown with 2 of possible 12 I/O modules - click pic for more information

The EDAS CE system: modular and flexible like a PLC, but with the  benefits of a truly open-architecture programmable automation controller.

Choose a CPU and any combination of I/O modules - even a quadrature encoder - giving you up to 192 channels of analog, digital, serial and positional data. Programs and data are stored locally, so that it can be used as a stand-alone data acquisition and control system.

Built-in webserver, remote administration, plus many other features make the EDAS CE a universal data acquisition and distributed control system - a programmable automation controller with Ethernet connectivity.

Learn more about the EDAS CE System.


EDAS-1000 series provides analog, digital and serial I/O over any Ethernet connection. Click pic for more information.

The EDAS-1000 series: a wide range of low-cost Ethernet I/O systems for analog, digital and serial signals. Configure an IP-address and you're ready to acquire and output data over the network.

With our Serial-EDAS you can connect equipment like scales, gauges and machines over Ethernet just as if they were connected directly to your PC.

Get all the details about the EDAS-1000 series.

EDAS CE Flowgram

The Industrial Ethernet IO systems can be used for data acquisition,  machine monitoring and process control.

Either as a stand-alone system or controlled from a remote computer, data can be acquired, processed, stored and shared over the network.

No matter whether voltages, 4-20 mA signals, RTDs, thermocouples or quadrature signals from shaft encoders: we have a solution for almost any sensor.

See our application page for examples on how our customers benefit from these systems.

Please contact us or request more information about our innovative Ethernet Data Acquisition solutions.

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Serial EDAS Ethernet-to-Serial converter - click pic for info
click pic for clearer view

Monitor and Control all types of RS-232 Devices remotely, at any distance, via your existing network

Serial EDAS converters link your physical access control mechanisms, machines, scales, data terminals, printers, PLCs, barcode scanners, instruments, and virtually any COM port RS-232 device can be fully accessed from anywhere on your existing Ethernet/Internet network!

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Typical Applications

Machine Monitoring and Control
Process Monitoring and Control
Manufacturing Test Systems
Remote Data Acquisition
Ethernet I/O
Custom OEM Solutions
Building Monitoring
Facility Monitoring
Factory Automation
Industrial Data Acquisition
Custom OEM Solutions
Preventative Maintenance Monitoring
Networked or Stand-Alone Data Logging
Environmental Monitoring and Control
Remote Data Acquisition
Control of Museum exhibits
Security & Access Control
Laboratory Automation
Vibration Monitoring
Sound Analysis
Computer Room Monitoring
Discrete Control
Remote Data Acquisition
Temperature Monitoring
High Accuracy Data Acquisition
Test & Measurement
Flow Measurement
Production/Cycle Counting
Security & Access Control
Serial RS-232 Device control across Ethernet

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Latest News:

Aug 24, 2007

EDAS CE: New High Voltage Digital Output Module

High Voltage Digital Output Module

A new I/O module for the EDAS CE system provides 12 channels of open drain, up to 360 VDC digital outputs.

Nov 1, 2005

EDAS CE: New Quadrature Encoder and High-Speed Counter Module

Quadrature Decoder and High-Speed Counter Module

A new I/O module for the EDAS CE system provides quadrature inputs for shaft encoders as well as high-speed up/down counters.